Aspect Six: Real Estate + Drone Photography

Is it worth it?

Simple answer: yes! Photography matters when selling a home. Nine out of ten house buyers mainly search online and in a competitive environment it is important to stand out right away. Listings with high quality photos starkly outperform listings with bad or no images, sell faster and increased prices. Professional images help home buyers to imagine their now home already before their visit and to connect with it afterwards, so it gives them also more trust in the process.

But also home sellers see quality images as an advantage. It is a very tangible indicator for them that their real estate agent is taking good care for their needs and investing in professional marketing. Taking it a step further and also opt for drone images, slide shows and videos helps even more to communicate the value of their service.

Selling and buying a home is for most people their single greatest financial transaction in their live, so it is about trust and reputation. Photos and videos are a medium people can easily relate to, so the right style is important. Having a great photography in your professional network, helps you to be more successful.

You might not be convinced yet. Read those 15 surprising facts about the influence on photos on your listing.

The Aspect Six experience

Being a full-time photographer for over five years by now, I love to work with my clients to bring out the important details in the photos and capture images with the individual purpose of the shoot in mind.

With this experience I can assure to bring the right equipment for each shoot and work in the best way to combine natural light with artificial lighting. I use my gear in a way which shows each property in a great, but not exaggerated light and help potential buyers to connect with it in the right way.

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