COVID-19 Session Guidelines

In order to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for house owners, realtors and us, we are implementing the following guidelines for our sessions:

  • Please limit the number of people on site to a minimum. Vacant homes are preferred, but at most only one homeowner and the realtor should be present.
  • If anyone present has been in contact with a COVID19 patient or shows signs of illness please let us know before the shoot, so we can decide how to handle it best.
  • Persons staying around are asked to keep a minimum distance of 6 feet to the photographer and his equipment.
  • To limit the time needed to complete a session as well to reduce the number of interactions, please make sure the property is photo ready beforehand. Our getting ready checklist can give you helpful pointers.
  • We will wear protective equipment as necessary during the shoot and follow safe procedures with our gear.
  • If we feel that we encounter an unsafe situation during a session, we reserve the right to end it.

We’ll update those guidelines as new recommendations are available. Working together we can stay safe.


Send us a message, if you have any questions or want to book a session: