About Aspect Six

We believe quality is important. We believe relationships are important. We aim to put both together in our work and strive to get better ever day, because it matters.

Florian & Aundrea

We are a photographer couple with six+ years of full-time creative experience. We met 2012 in Hawaii and since then have been sharing our life and working together. In 2017 we moved with our children to New England where we found our new home in the colorful city of Northampton, MA. Traveling and photography are our passions.

Our Philosophy

The goal for Aspect Six is to provide the highest quality architectural and real estate photography to help our clients to showcase their projects. Always learning and striving to identify new trends as well as technical improvements, we want to create even better imagery every day. Working closely with our clients ensures that we capture the photos they are looking for.

Once you’ve experienced excellence you will never be content with mediocrity. My Real Estate listings have never looked better, thank you Florian!

Romina D’Angelo, Coldwell Banker