Standard Real Estate Listing
Image Usage License
This image usage license grants the Listing Agent ("The CLIENT") to use the images provided by Vicfri LLC dba Aspect Six ("The LICENSOR") as specified below. This license underlies the General Image License Terms of Aspect Six.
Description: Images taken of a property with the intent to promote its sale
Number of Files: All images provided in final selection
Resolution: 1900px on long edge
Image Use
With this license agreement the LICENSOR grants the CLIENT the use the images provided according to the following stipulations:
Media Use: 
 Website (not front page)
 Website (incl. front page)
 Social Media
 Editorial or Blog Article
 Print Advertising
 Online Advertising
 Marketing aids (flyer, pamphlet, image brochure, ...)
 Real Estate Listings (Online and Print)
 Sharing for non-commercial use
Period of Use: Unlimited, re-listing by same agent is allowed;
Territory of Use: 
 New England
 United States

The following additional stipulations apply:
  • Exclusivity: This usage license is non-exclusive. The LICENSOR can use the images to promote his business on his website and social media.
  • Photo Credit: Giving photo credits and back linking is appreciated but not required.
  • Alterations: Cropping of the images by the CLIENT is allowed, no other alterations of the original files are permitted.
  • Resale: Resale, sub-licensing or redistribution of the images by the CLIENT is prohibited.
Meta Data
License Creation Date: November 4, 2019
License Security Value: 57f4981def2ae10c6c4ad0ade4347739a86629f705934909367ea9288f7e2b63