Photography Checklist

Getting your AirBnB or VRBO rental photo ready is the most important thing you as the host can do to get great images. This checklist can help you to get everything in place for picture day.

General Preparations

  • Open all blinds and curtains to bring in natural light and show the outside views.
  • Remove cluttered items from countertops, tables and other areas. Open spaces look more welcoming.
  • Turn off all lights, except were necessary
  • Create open spaces by removing not needed furniture and clear counter tops and shelves
  • Remove small floor rugs and door mats to highlight beautiful floors.


  • Turn off all the lights, open curtains and blinds. Clean countertops and hide visible wires. Display a few top kitchen amenities of your choosing on countertop (e.g. espresso machine, sparkling water machine, toaster oven,). Place all cooking ingredients inside cabinets/on shelves. Arrange visible objects symmetrically (hanging
    pans, stools)

Living + Dining Rooms

  • Turn off all the lights, open curtains and blinds. Fluff pillows and  smooth out cushions & blankets. Arrange decorative objects on all tables and shelves. Light fireplace & turn off the TV. Position dining
    room chairs symmetrically. Tidy tables, counters, and other surfaces.


  • Turn off all the lights, open curtains and blinds. Arrange toiletries & hang towels neatly. Replace new toilet paper roll and put the toilet
    seat down. Open shower curtains/door. Clean surfaces (mirrors, glass doors, handles, etc.) If you have accessible amenities, such as a  shower chair, please put them in place


  • Turn off all the lights, open curtains and blinds. Remove towels, stuffed animals and bed runners from bed. Tuck in/check that the comforter is even at floor level. Fluff pillows (include two pillows per sleeper)
    Clear bedside table, dresser, and desks of clutter.

Outside Areas

  • Remove cars from driveway and hide unwanted objects (gardening
    hose, toys, tools). Tidy up any decorations or plants near the front door.
  • Remove any unwanted items and tidy up area. Set up tables, umbrellas & chairs as if a guest will use them. Make sure all furniture &
    umbrellas are opened. Remove BBQ and/ or pool covers. Turn on overhead rope lights, safely ignite fire pits, etc.


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